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Welcome to the SUPTraining e-learning platfom

This page will help you navigate around the site and make the best use of it.  


You can access your profile from the user menu in the top right. It's where you see your name and an arrow. Click there to open up the menu. 

Clicking the Edit profile link will allow you to change certain information such as your password, correct timezone, add an avatar, description and, optionally, extra contact details. 

When you upload an image, it will appear in the user menu by your name.

SUPT course

You can access the SUPTraining course from the link below or from NAVIGATION->Courses->SUPT to the right of this section.

In the navigation sidebar, below Course->SUPT you can see the different modules contained in the course. You can jump through activities from different modules. 


In order to attempt a quiz you need to have completed all activities from it's module.

Every test contains ten multiple choice questions, with some of them having one and other more than one correct answers. When you have completed all questions click the Next button in the bottom of the quiz and then click Submit all and finish. Your answers will be checked and graded.

In order to pass a test you need to have a grade of 70% or more.

You won't be able to attempt the same quiz immediately, but wait for 30 minutes in case you have failed it.


After you have successfully finished the course you can get a Certificate. In order to achieve this you need to have completed the tests of all ten modules with a grade of 70% or higher.


After completing the course please fill the feedback questionnaire. That will give us a deeper insight into what needs to change and help us improve the course and the platform.

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    Available courses

    The purpose of the SUPTraining course is to help provide as complete as possible a training course on the Directive (EU128/2009/EC). It aims to ensure a high level of public health protection of consumers and users and protect the environment from the potential effects of plant protection products (PPP).

    Learning method:

    •  The training is designed to ensure that all professional users, distributors, consultants are in possession of adequate knowledge, constantly updated;
    •  The course is divided into 10 modules, each dealing with a specific subject; at the end each MODULE (except MODULE 1) a test will be offered to help prepare the students for the formal qualification (Certificate for the use/buy/sell/advice of plant protection products (PPP);
    • Modules can be repeated if necessary to help prepare for the official Test.